what i do, since i don’t have a job…

As most of you know…I’ve been having a hard time finding employment since we moved.  Well.  I have found ways to keep busy.  Today, I made pillows.  Well, pillow covers.  For awhile, I’ve felt like our living room was just a little to drab.  Lots of dull colors all blending in together.


I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to do…which colors to use…what kind of fabric.  The only thing that I’ve learned is that I’m really not very good at the whole decorating thing.  I just can’t see where to put vases or art.  I’m horrible at deciding what kind of accent chair would look best.  In fact, we’ve gone without a table/ottoman for 3 years cause I just can’t figure out what would work best.

Well, I decided to just pick something and make it work.  I found three different fabrics.


The fun little twist is that the flower fabric is on one side of all the pillows (there’s 5 in all).  So, I can switch it up and have all flowers or some with flowers and some zebra or red.  I think it will make it more cheerful.  At least I hope so.  Now, I still need to decide on curtains, accessories, and pretty much everything else….sigh.

One step at a time….

14 thoughts on “what i do, since i don’t have a job…

  1. G! Great job on the pillows! I wish you were here … we could so some creative sewing together. I, too, feel like the decorating gene passed me by, and I am hard on myself in choosing the right accents/decor, etc. But you did a fabulous job on those pillows, and you should be proud! :)

  2. Cute! Do you know how to sew in general? I’ve always thought it would be such a nice skill to have – but I don’t think I have the patience. :)

  3. I think you’re selling yourself short when you say you’re not good at interior design! The pillows are fantastic! And how creative to put different fabrics on each side. Go yoU!

  4. Looks great! Good job! Do they have zippers in them, velcro closure, or just open? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. The pillow covers look CUTE! Nice work! I lovelovelove decorating and arranging furniture and color coordinating and all things home decor. I find lots of fun inspiration in Home Decor books and magazines. Just swing through any book store and pick up a few! I find that once you commit to a theme you like, choose complimentary colors you like that fit the theme (for example: browns, soft greens, and rust/orange/red colors for “earthy/rustic” or black, white, and soft pink for “chic and elegant”). I wish I could stay at home and decorate all day… but alas… I’m a chemistry grad student :)

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