pt and the pool

Another day…another visit with my friendly neighborhood PT.


And, bless their hearts, they really are trying to fix what’s wrong with me.  They’ve been able to identify all my problem areas–good.  But they can’t figure out the cause or the culprit–not good.  We’re pretty much playing “chicken and egg” because is it the muscle spasms that are causing the misalignment, or is it being out of alignment that is causing the muscles spasm?  We DO know that the nerve is being pinched in a major way.  Meanwhile I have another appointment tomorrow.  Three in one week?  Awesome.

Since I saw a different lady today I thought I would ask her opinion on my run/don’t run situation.  She a-little-too-quickly voted that I don’t run.  Booooooo!  So, instead of wallowing in my sadness, I decided to head on over to my parents’ house and kick it in the pool.  I swam around a bit, chatted with my dad and then put GT down for a nap.  This is how mom’s enjoy a sunny day at the pool: video monitors :)!


After his nap, it was playtime with Gramps!




We enticed Grandma home by sending her pictures of all the fun we were having.  She got there just in time to get some love and hugs before it was time to head on home.


I’m super glad that I spent some time in the pool.  The alternative was to lay at home and wallow in my exercise-less depression.  Instead I enjoyed a little fun in the sun and the therapy that only family can provide.  Success!

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