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Whew.  What a day!  Do you ever set out with some fairly straight-forward plans and then just keep adding on until you find yourself at the end of the day exhausted and wondering what just happened?  No?  Just me?  Well, let me tell you about it.

This morning I was scheduled for another round of PT (that’s the third one this week if anyone is counting…) at 6:00am.  Yup.  I figured I’m usually up close to that time anyway so I might as well make it happen.  So, of course GT chooses last night to be one of epic sleep.  When I was setting my alarm for 5:00, I thought to myself, “I don’t even know why I’m bothering, I’m always up around 4:30 to feed the little dude.”  Imagine my surprise when the next thing I heard was the sound of my alarm.  WHA?!? Did I really just sleep that long?  Like a robot I stumbled over to the nursery to begin the morning feast….but he was still asleep.  Like soundly.  No movement.  No grunting.

I did check to see if he was still breathing–he was–and headed out the door to PT.

I had decided to head into the office where I work to have lunch and show of my little bundle of joy.  Like a little angel he fell asleep as soon as we got there and slept through over an hour of me wandering around, seeing friends, and catching up on the latest.  He woke up just in time to enjoy lunch with my parents and my friend KRSTFR.

Did anyone know that today was bring your kids to work day?  Me either!  But that worked out pretty well, huh?  KRSTFR tried to claim him….

GT and Kristopher


Not sure how GT feels about it.

Have I ever told you how I feel about birds?  Specifically ones that insist on standing in the middle of the road blocking traffic.  Well, I’m not a fan.  I’m pretty sure that is an understatement.  They make me very angry.  And ever since I moved down here to Florida I have discovered that I pretty much hate all birds.  Sand Hill Cranes are on the top of that list.  They drive me crazy.

So, imagine my delight as I was leaving work and got held up by this little guy. Gross.



From there I decided to stop by Babies R Us to make good use of a gift card we still have.  You see, I have a giant, monster baby.  He is almost 9 weeks old and is already wearing 6 month clothes and while we have an abundance of onesies that fit we have almost no pants.  Sure, at home he only wears onesies and sometimes, not even that.  But when we venture out into public he should probably be clothed more properly.

Then we headed to grandma and grandpas.



And finally headed home.

Remember how he’s a monster baby?  I’m pretty sure that he’s outgrowing all of his baby toys already.




Meanwhile I am discovering that Mr. Dawn is a complete baby whisperer.  I seriously should rent him out to calm and lull babies to sleep.  He has legit magical powers.

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  1. Your first paragraph described my day exactly today. Ugh. Except… The day isn’t over yet. Also, the first time Carissa and I heard a family of sand hill cranes we thought pterodactyls had time travelled to our apartment complex. And then there were dive bombing barn swallows that made their nests right above the main doorways.

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