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Prelude: I still have some major sciatic pain.  No running.  No exercise of any kind.  Lots of tears.  Trying to not spread my doom and gloom, so let us move on, shall we?


I want to talk about being/becoming a mom.

I know I’m about a week early, Mother’s Day isn’t until next week.  But…Mother’s Day is for seasoned pros.  Those who have been in the trenches and have come out the other side.  The ones that have battle scars to be celebrated and medals of bravery to be awarded.  I don’t feel I’m in that crowd.  I’m just a newb, all wide-eyed and clueless.  I’m not ready to be “appreciated” for all the “sacrifices” that mom’s are always thanked for on Mother’s Day.  I haven’t made any sacrifices.  I haven’t endured the really hard stuff of being a mom yet.

Right now, I’m just in awe.  I can’t believe that I get to be a mom.  I get to be mom to this little dude.


I feel privileged.  That’s the only way I know how to describe it. I get to know GT.  I get to watch him grow up and become himself.  I get to witness his life in a way that no one else does.  I know that people talk about how their moms shaped them…I’m not so focused on shaping him than I am interested in keeping up with him and seeing him take shape.  I get to love him unconditionally.  I get to support him and encourage him.


I can’t wait until he understands words so that he can hear me say that I believe in him.


I’m full of questions that I can’t wait to find the answers to.  Will he sing?  Will he love to draw?  Which sports will he play?  Is he going to like running like me?  Or HATE it like Mr. Dawn?  Is he going to be good at math?  Or a history buff?

Learning about him is my full time job.  And I can’t wait to go to work every single day!


He’s a whole little person discovering the world around him and I get to be there with him.  I’m pretty sure that knowing him is going to be the most exciting ride of my life.


AND?!?  To top it all off…I get to experience this with the most wonderful husband in the world.  Watching Mr. Dawn turn into a dad has been all kinds of magical.  He treasures every moment that he gets with GT from playtime and music time to bath time and bedtime.

So, for Mother’s Day?  I just want to spend the day with my two guys, getting to know them better and falling more in love.

6 thoughts on “on being a mom

  1. I want to talk about your becoming a mom.
    Mothers Day is NOT just for seasoned pros. It’s also for the newb’s who are wide eyed and clueless. Your sacrifices are yet to come and in a world that is not the safe one you grew up in, or the even safer one I grew up in, that means we have to acknowledge a curve, if you will, of greater sacrifices. You haven’t endured the really hard stuff of being a mom, yet, but you will. It’s inevitable. And that’s why it’s also for the newb’s. We know a little of your challenge, but we’ve seen your potential. We’re not worried. And that’s why we’re celebrating you on Mother’s Day.
    The awe will NEVER go away. I can’t believe I’m a mother of 3 incredible adult children.
    Enjoy this journey with GT and Mr. Dawn. Know how much we love you and believe in you. And have a WONDERFUL Mothers Day.

  2. What a beautiful post, and what a beautiful response by AnnC whoever she is. (Full disclosure: I’m related to both). And like Ann says, we’re not worried. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Loved it! He’s got some great neck control going on, PLUS, he’s got two fantastic parents! :) I hope the pain goes away soon so you can get out there and run!

  4. I despise bloggers doing cell phone pic self portraits, but you are just glowing in that picture. That picture is proof enough you are already on your way to developing an awesome son.

  5. This post almost brought me to tears! You are so sweet about your son, and your philosophy really resonates. Can we see a family photo sometime with all three of you guys?!

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