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So, I’ve finally made some progress in the old pain department.  After 7 weeks of physical therapy, the symptoms were just intensifying so my therapist suggested that we try a steroid pack and that didn’t touch the pain at all.  From there it was time to get a little more serious, so I was sent to a pain clinic.



From there I was sent to get an MRI.  Sigh.  You know…before I was pregnant, I had never been in a hospital before.  No broken bones, no stitches, nothing.  And now…an MRI.

Anyway, turns out I have a herniated disc, with a small tear.  Awesome.  The treatment plan is to have steroids injections into the epidural space in my spine.  Craziness.  I had one done last week and I have the second one on Thursday.  In the good news column the pain has gotten much much better!  I am able to sit for increasing periods of time without too much pain.  I can go a full day without taking ibuprofen (I was basically living solely on the wings of Advil).  I am hopeful that after this week I’ll be almost back to normal.  Yay.

In the exercise department, I’m still sitting on the sidelines.  That did not stop me from hitting up the Lululemon Outlet.  Buying exercise clothes is almost the same as exercising, right?



Even though I’m not able to do anything more than walk, I have made some marginal progress on the weight loss front…I’m FINALLY able to wear my wedding rings again.  It’s been about 6 months, so it feels really good to be able to put them on again :)



Other random news: we put on our adult pants and bought a new washer/drier set!  I know, after five years of marriage and one child we finally feel grown up enough to own brand new appliances!



And the most important information of all.  Friday, June 7 was a very important day.  National Doughnut Day.  Oh–and it was my birthday!  So, next year, when you go to Krispy Kreme for your free sprinkle doughnut you are participating in my national birthday celebration.


5 thoughts on “check in and update

  1. Oh yeah, you better believe I got a doughnut too! :)

    I’m so glad they finally figured out what the pain was coming from. Hopefully you’ll be back out running again soon. Nice new clothes you got there. I always like new exercise stuff.

    Speaking of new stuff…congrats on the new washer and dryer!

  2. Absolutely buying exercise clothes counts! Buying exercise equipment counts (like tubes :-) too! How long will it take the disc to repair?

  3. So sorry about this setback. But now you have an answer and can work towards a fix.

    And YES, buying exercise clothes is the same as actually exercising :)

    Owning my own washer/dryer is my adult dream.

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