St. Petersburg Women’s Half Marathon 2012

Now, it’s time for the last in the series of races that I ran whilst on my blog hiatus.  You can catch up on the other races Here, Here, and Here.

Another race that I signed up for before I knew I was pregnant was the St. Petersburg Women’s Half Marathon.  And, because I’m super crazy, I talked three of my friends into signing up with me so there was no backing out.  We had such a fun weekend!  We ditched our husbands and had an all-girls weekend.

The expo was small but it had what we were looking for: sweaty bands, injini socks, tutus, and everything pink.  From there we headed to my favorite pre-race dinner: Olive Garden!  The meal was full of talking about training, babies, and epic pregnancy stories.  You know, the usual.

st pete pre

We were really worried about all the road closures and parking issues because the race instructions made it very clear that we should get there early.  I think we over compensated a little because I’m pretty sure there were only 10 other runners there when we got to the starting line.  On the positive side, it made it super easy to use the portapotties!  We grabbed some pre-race food and desperately tried to stay warm.  I was kicking myself for not bringing some kind of trash bag or throw away clothes.  We were down by the water and the wind was wicked.

st pete 1

For me, this was just going to be a fun race run with my girl T, who was running her first half marathon ever.  She and I have been friends since before I can remember and now we live just 90 minutes away from each other!  Its so fabulous.  We chatted, and walked, and sweated, and I loved every step of it.  I’m not entirely sure that she is hooked on distance running.  She loves doing 5k’s especially ones that encourage costumes…however during the last 4 miles I’m pretty sure she swore that she wouldn’t be running any more half’s ever.

Still…she had enough gas left in her tank to sprint to the finish line.

st pete 2

The weather held out pretty well.  It was overcast most of the day and threatened to rain, but didn’t until after we all were finished.

I’m so proud of my girl Crystal!  This was her first half marathon and she straight up KILLED it.  I don’t remember her exact time, but I think it was around 2:08.  I mean, common!  That’s so crazy fast.  And since then, she’s run a second half and not too long ago she ran her first FULL MARATHON!  You Go Girl.

st pete 3


As far as the regular race info….I really enjoyed the course.  It was flat and under normal, not-pregnant circumstances I imagine this would be a good race to PR at.  The only weird part was we ran a lap around an indoor baseball field.  Like, on the field.  On grass.  It was pretty weird to go from the hard roads to the spongy turf.  The medal is AWESOME.  Two palm trees!  It’s not as heavy weight as the Disney medals, but it has a super fun shape, and I love it.

I look forward to heading back to this race someday when I’m ready to take it seriously.

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