countdown to 35

So.  Have I mentioned that it’s my birthday on Saturday?  NO?  Well…

I’m turning 35!

I will admit that I have been LOVING my birthdays lately.  Ever since I turned 30, I just gave up trying to “feel young” and I embrace my old lady status.  I may not continue to feel this way after 40…but for now, I love it more each year!

I didn’t think I could love my birthday more…but then *like magic* last year, June 7th was National Doughnut day.  (Technically it’s on the “First Full Friday in June,” so this year it’s on the 6th rather than my actual birthday…But that’s a minor glitch.)  So, this Friday, go to Krispy Kreme and get your free fried dough!  DO IT!  Put a reminder on your phone right now, and remember that it’s my birthday-eve.




So, what’s on my birthday list?

  1. Lululemon.  I know I just had a huge shopping spree there a few weeks ago (thanks Ann!), but I’m seriously addicted to my Wunder Under Capris.  I have two pairs and they are constantly dirty.  I hope that I’ll be able to pick up at least another pair.
  2. Yoga Mat.  After the race this weekend, I really want to start going to yoga with a little more regularity.  I have a mat that I bought for super cheap a long time ago, and I’d like one that is a little more sticky and that might be able to survive a hot class.  (Not entirely sure that I’m committing to attend a hot class, but I just want to be prepared if I decide I need that kind of punishment….)
  3. Summer Essentials.  Somehow I always get to this point in the year and realize that I have one pair of shorts, one skirt, and one dress….I’d like to add to that.  I’m 100% fine with work clothes, but I feel like there is nothing for me to wear on the weekends with the weather as hot as it is…  Here’s what I’ve been eyeing

Dress from H&M

Shorts from Old Navy…

Skirt from Loft…

9 thoughts on “countdown to 35

  1. no need to embrace “old lady status!” if you were old you would have crawled into bed at 7:15pm last night and fallen asleep by 8……..

  2. I love birthdays! Happy early birthday!

    I know exactly what you mean about feeling like the weekend comes and you only have work clothes or workout clothes to wear. Starting in January I began giving myself a $100 clothing budget that I force myself to spend on normal, weekend type clothes. It’s nice to be building up a more balanced closet. I really like that skirt you picked out from the Loft!
    Kristina @ Blog About Running recently posted…Drop It Like a SquatMy Profile

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