shin sweat

I think I’m 98% recovered from my race on Sunday.

First off…I don’t remember being this sore after a half marathon ever!  No seriously.  I have no idea what is going on with my legs.  I ran 5 long runs that were 13 miles or more, so it’s not like the distance was a shock to my system, or at least it shouldn’t have been… I guess my take away is that my fitness level isn’t where I imagined it was.  I just thought that I would do better.  I wanted to believe that I hadn’t lost so much of my mojo in the past two years.  But this race brought me back to earth.  I’m still really happy with the outcome, it just makes me realize that I have a lot more work to get myself back into PR shape. (I just went back and read the recap from my half marathon PR back in 2010.  I can’t wait to have that feeling again!)

I haven’t gone running all week, and I probably won’t run until this weekend at the earliest.  My hip is feeling much better, but it really had me worried during the run.  I’ve gone to a few classes, including my first hot yoga class.

Ok.  So, hot yoga.  Let’s talk about it.  I knew that it was going to be hot, and actually when I walked in the room, it didn’t really seem like it was that hot.  Then we started into the practice and I couldn’t believe how quickly the sweat started dripping off my nose.  I actually became fascinated by how much sweat was accumulating on my shins.  Have you ever paid attention to your shin sweat?  It’s pretty crazy.

I think I like hot yoga…but I’m pretty sure I didn’t like that instructor.  I may try another class with a different teacher.  Or I may just go back to my Hatha class with the instructor that I love.

Oh!  We started ISR swim training with Little G!  It’s where the babies are taught to float on their backs if they fall in the pool.  We go to the community center every morning for a 10 minute lesson.  Currently he’s learning to hold his breath under water and to reach for the wall.  He’s doing so great!  He cries the entire time he’s in the water, but he’s learning :)

And he’s still waking up with a huge smile on his face, so I guess we aren’t scaring him too much!

Oh and…his grandpa is spoiling him with new toys from the thrift store…

5 thoughts on “shin sweat

  1. I have always wanted to try hot yoga! Sounds great (although, maybe not your yoga instructor).

    That’s so great your starting your little one so young in the pool. My husband (when he’s not being an English teacher with me in China) is a swimming teacher and he talks fondly about teaching little bubs and that the first thing they go through is how to survive/save themselves if they fall into a pool or some water. Babies and water go naturally together I think, especially if they start early.


  2. I’ve never done hot yoga but heard it super intense. I’m not sure I can imagine sweating quite that much!

    You’re great for getting your son in the pool so young and being consistent. I didn’t do that and my daughters have some catching up to do in the water.

    I sometimes feel like PR shape might not happen for me, but overall I think it could but with extra focus, planning, and smarter training. I can relate to the feeling though!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Why My Kids Don’t Eat PaleoMy Profile

  3. Shin sweat lol I will pay attention next time :) I seem to sweat like a man, so I am always at how drips from me in general. Little G is so cute and high five for water fun while learning! It is strange after running all those 13′s you feel sore, but maybe you were a little more tense during the race ??? and you know how it goes…sometimes you just have the random challenging run, but seriously your time rocked!
    Karen recently posted…Why Do I Do These Things?My Profile

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