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So, back in April when I was getting ready to rock a new 5k PR, I wrote a post about my history with the 5k.  I really enjoyed looking at a cross-section of my history with that race distance. I actually wish that I had done it last week before my race this weekend.  I think it would have helped with my mental preparation.

I also wrote a version of this back in 2010, right after I earned my still-standing half marathon PR.

So, here’s the Big List of Half Marathons…

  1. 2003 – Lincoln Half Marathon 2:28.12
  2. 2004 – Lincoln Half Marathon 2:11.35
  3. 2007 – Lincoln Half Marathon 1:57.55
  4. 2008 – Lincoln Half Marathon 2:05.12
  5. 2010 – Holy Half Marathon 1:46.25 *PR*
  6. 2011 – Borgess Half Marathon 1:49.55
  7. 2012 – Disney Princess Half Marathon 1:53.54
  8. 2012 – Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon 3:05.05 (pregnant)
  9. 2012 – Lady Speed Stick Half 3:10.53 (pregnant)
  10. 2014 – Echo Half Marathon 1:56.31

I didn’t actually remember that this was my tenth half marathon, until I looked up my info on Athlinks. Have you ever looked up your name?  It’s so fun to see all your race stats in one place!

The first four races, all the Lincoln Half, were all pre-blog.  It was a time when I considered myself a runner, but I didn’t know anything about training plans or intervals or tempo runs.  I would just run two or three times a week and one long run on the weekends.  I rarely wrote anything down.  I didn’t own a garmin.  It feels like a different lifetime ago.

Looking through my past race reports, it has lit a fire in my belly.  I want to get fast again.  I want to have a race where I push my limits and perform better than I expected.  I’ve been shopping around for training plans.  I’m hoping that this fall I’ll be able to break 1:45 in the half.

Anyone have a magical training plan that will earn me a new PR in the half?

What is your favorite race distance?

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  1. I can’t believe you ran 2 half marathons pregnant! Or that you’ve done that many at all…go you!

    My half marathon PR is my “fastest” PR but I’m not sure that it’s my favorite distance. And I have no magical training plan, except that I’ve found it helpful to do a long run up to 15 miles while training for it and throw in a couple of 10k or 15k races in there for some speed tune up. And try to run one in cold weather. My PR was in 30 degrees!

    Okay that’s all I’ve got :)
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  2. I like the Level Up training plan so far! Mind you, I’m only on week one. But it’s keeping me interested. A lot of it is by feel and effort, and not so much based on a pace. Loving that, because I think set paces on a plan can get me discouraged easily when I’m not hitting them, especially with the kind of weather we’re having.
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  3. First off great recap of your half marathons, really great to see progression and holy cow half marathon while pregnant lol.

    I had a pretty standard plan of 5 days a week. 2 tempo runs, 1 speed day, 1 recovery day, and 1 long run day. I recently switched to 1 hill run, 2 recovery runs, and 1 long trail run. No magic but it’s what is working for me lol.

    Favorite distance is anything I can run on trails :)
    The running schlub recently posted…OMG…First Ever Half Marathon….Kinda!!My Profile

  4. My training plan is this. I guarantee it will be met with indifferent results based upon each indifferent athlete, especially myself!
    1. Work my way up to 16×200 (200m jog recovery-time all)
    2. Work my way up to 6×1600 (400m jog recovery-time all)
    3. Run as much or as little as I can get my butt out the door the other days.
    4. Maybe do a 4-6 mi tempo run, but usually maybe not.
    5. Maybe do a long run of 14 miles (but not longer), usually can do this.

  5. Wow, two half marathons during pregnancy?? You are amazing!!

    I have 100% confidence that you WILL PR this year/fall, now that you’re officially ‘back’ to running. :)

    My favourite race distance is the half, without a doubt. I love being able to run it and feel like I’m giving my all but knowing that I can do it (fingers crossed) and not needing to worry or plan the fuel side of things so much (albeit hydration).

    I usually follow a training plan that I source online – I can’t remember the last one I did before this one, but that saw me PR by 10 minutes! I’ll find the link for the one I’m currently using – hopefully this one will also enable a PR (am hoping for a 4 minute increase).

    I think Cori at She’s Going the Distance wrote an excellent post a little while ago about how to PR?? I think?? Sorry, my memory’s crap sometimes, and our internet connection is a little (ok, a lot) shaky here too, d’oh…


  6. I used the SmartCoach for my last half (plus a few extra trail runs thrown in) and I liked it a lot. It also lets you adjust your tempos if they’re too fast or too slow once you get into it.

    I really like the half marathon distance, 5 and 10ks are too speedy for me! I haven’t done a full yet, it still sounds too far.
    Becky @ Ok, so here’s the plan recently posted…The Queen!My Profile

  7. You are all kinds of awesome. Look at the improvement and gains you have made over the years!! I think you will have the magical race, maybe it’s the dang humidity- pick one in winter! I read You Only Faster when I was trying to PR my 10K but I am not anywhere in your league of speedy so I can’t offer much wisdom…expect wanting it is half the battle. The desire you have will help you to push.
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  8. Wow how cool to look through all of those! You’ve really made a lot of progress. Most of the races I’ve done aren’t on Atlinks. Weird. Too small in this area I guess!!
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