a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Sunday night, Mr. Dawn and I went to dinner with a couple that lives on our street.

Have you ever done that?  I hadn’t.  I’m much more used to keeping my life compartmentalized.  The people that I run with, I run with.  The people I see at church, I see at church.  And the people in the neighborhood, well we chat while we’re out on walks or doing yard work, or when a new house goes up for sale.  I’ve never taken the steps of developing the social-friendship with people that I live near.

It has been downright delightful.  Actually, full-disclosure, this was our second double-date.  They are expecting their first child and it’s so fun to be talking nursery furniture and parenting classes with another couple.

I have to give credit where credit is due…Mr. Dawn is our social coordinator.  I’m a bit shy and reserved when it comes to people I don’t know.  I’m not the one that is going to strike up a conversation with someone at the gas pump or restaurant.  But him?  He’s never met someone that he couldn’t talk to.  Everyone is his new best friend, and I love it.  It keeps my life full of new and exciting people and prevents me from sitting at home every night watching The Office on Netflix.  Instead I have a new soon-to-be-mom that lives near AND a new playmate for Little G.

Thanks Mr. Dawn!

Have you ever made a friend in one context and they crossed-over to be a social friend?

When was the last time you struck up a conversation with a total stranger?

19 thoughts on “a beautiful day in the neighborhood

  1. That’s awesome that your husband is so openly friendly! I have to make an effort with that stuff since it doesn’t come naturally. My husband is pretty much the same, in the past he was more social but since having kids, I’ve become the “social director”, and met our current friends through a mom’s group 4 years ago.

    I do try to strike up convos with strangers, but it still feels awkward and I’m sure I sound awkward most of the time! If nothing else I try to smile at people a lot.

    That’s so cool that you have a neighbor friend!!
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  2. That’s awesome your hubby has that kind of personality. I am much more reserved, I often feel like I don’t have anything to offer so normally social situations give me anxiety…lol I am a little crazy. At my gym I see the same folks quite often and it took me a long time to start chatting with folks, but I am glad I did, I ended up with an awesome gym buddy. In very random strangeness, a man made Todd struck up conversation with me during my first half marathon. He was used to training with a team and having someone to talk to. We ended chatting for several miles and I credit him with my time lol He kept me distracted and made it feel easy.
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  3. Aww, yay! I love that you are making friends with your neighbors! We used to be close with some and I miss them (they moved). I am like your husband… so I get in to random conversations quite a bit! :)
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  4. I’m much more reserved and rarely ever strike up a conversation with a stranger! I wish I was more like Mr. Dawn. Instead I stick to my routine and my old friends that I’ve had forever (they are pretty cool so I got lucky there, haha).

    How far along are you in OITNB? I thought about watching the last two episodes last night but I’m holding off haha
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    1. I’m only a few episodes in to the first season…I’ve found that each episode is a little intense for me. I get pretty stressed out, so I have to space them out, even though I desperately want to know what happens next I have to walk away for a little before I’m ready for the next one.

  5. Oh yay! Glad you had such a good time. That’s great when your neighbours turn out to be your friends too.

    I can relate to you re: your husband being the social coordinator. I am pretty similar! Although, I’ve noticed that when I’m not with my husband, i.e. when I went off on that trail run weekend, that I am lot more outgoing and sociable/introducing myself to new people. Usually I am the ‘shy’ one in our couple though.

    1. I totally agree! If Mr. Dawn isn’t there I usually can step up and be more outgoing. But I’d always prefer him to be there and take care of all of it :)

  6. This is totally awesome. So glad you found a couple you get along with in the neighborhood. It’s so easy when you find certain aspects that are similar in both lives. They are having a baby so what could be better than another parent so close that just went through the process. Way to go Mr Dawn, in certain situations I am the social coordinator in our lives as well. Few weeks back I was out for a night run and happened across an older gentleman. I was tired of running on my own so I asked him if I could run with him. He totally said yes and we had a great chat while we ran.

    I strike up conversations with people in the trails all the time. I tend to think I’m bothering people while they are trying to get a good run in lol.
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    1. I always love it when fellow runners chat me up! Whether we are on the trail or in a race. I love it!

  7. I have a few neighbors who are very friendly and then the neighbor across the street doesn’t even LOOK at us. I don’t know what her problem is. We call her Lawn Lady (not to her face) because she is always mowing her grass hehe. We have never hung out with neighbors socially but we talk and are friendly with them. It is nice to have people that can help you out. One of our neighbors watches our cats while we are away!
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    1. We haven’t ever had nasty neighbors…although we do have our own “lawn lady” who cuts her grass all. the. time. LOL

  8. Tom is way more social than I am, he talks to people all the time. I know a few of the neighbors, but not well. I’m way more shy/reserved with people I don’t know. Though, contrary to my normal quietness, I am one of those runners during races that will come up next to people to make annoying comments like “is it just me, or is this race just all uphill?,” “Oh man I am looking forward to the next water station,” or at my last race “you’re almost at the top – and there’s water up there!”
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  9. I “compartmentalize” the people in my life just like you do. There isn’t much crossover. I’ve done a few social things with some of my running friends, but not much! Glad you had a fun night w/ the neighbors!

    1. Someday I’m going to do it and invite my runners to eat breakfast or grab coffee. I just need to do it.

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